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So, In the early hours of the morning, I had an idea for a new Disney Princess. Here is a rough outline of the story:

There is a princess.
The people of her tribe are being abducted by white spirits.
In order to protect her people, she seeks out the guidance and wisdom of Anansi.
Anansi tells her that she must find the hidden city of Tisọnilu. When she finds the city, her people will be able to go there and be safe from the spirits.
Anansi tells her to go back to the village and prepare for the journey, and then return to him.
When she returns to her village, her sisters are gone, everyone suspects the spirits have taken them.
She returns to Anansi, and he intoduces her to three of his servants who will accompany them. One is a gazelle, one is an oxpecker, and one is a serval. Each have a special ability that will help her on the journey.
They find the hidden city, but are not allowed to enter. The prince of the city was off hunting and is now missing. The guards at the city know nothing of the pale spirits, but will not allow anyone into the city until the prince is found.
The princess decides she must find a free the prince and her sisters
She finds the prince and helps him escape as well as many of her people.
The white spirits are revealed to be slavers, and they are driven off.
Although she rescued everyone from the spirits, her sisters were not among them.
Heartbroken, she returns to the city with the prince and her people. A messenger is sent to her village to gather the others of them to the city.
When they arrive to the city, Anansi bids his farewell and his servants return to their original forms, the sisters of the princess.
She marries the prince, and everyone lives happily ever after.

  • Satan:


  • Satan:

    You can have anything you wan--

  • Me:


  • Satan:


  • Me:


  • Satan:

    What the--?

  • Me:


  • Satan:

    Wouldn't you rather have love or money?

  • Me:



'how long can i hold a conversation with this person before they realise that i'm english and start talking to me in english instead?' is a fun game to play in any country with a different language to your native one

I lived in Peru for a couple of years and my Spanish was good enough that I convinced a few people that I was actually a native Peruvian and that I was just fromCelendín. (In Peru they say that everyone from Celendín is white. I think the story is that German settlers moved there a long time and now a lot of the native Celendínos are white.)

Some of my ancestors (not direct) were buried in the Omadi Cemetery in Nebraska. Today I found out that in the late 70s a neighboring farmer removed all the gravestones from the cemetery, threw them in a ditch, buried them, and then plowed over the whole thing. All that’s there now is a cornfield. That really irks me.

mindylikescake asked:

Is there a particular method of learning languages that works for you? I'm about to attempt to learn Spanish, and I'm worried that trying to learn it as an adult might be more difficult for me as opposed to learning it while I'm young. Any advice?


No method, plow through material and don’t give up.

If you can, practice with a native speaker all the time. Try to make conversation even though you don’t know all of the words. Use the words you do know to try and describe the word you are looking for.

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