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Some of my ancestors (not direct) were buried in the Omadi Cemetery in Nebraska. Today I found out that in the late 70s a neighboring farmer removed all the gravestones from the cemetery, threw them in a ditch, buried them, and then plowed over the whole thing. All that’s there now is a cornfield. That really irks me.

mindylikescake asked:

Is there a particular method of learning languages that works for you? I'm about to attempt to learn Spanish, and I'm worried that trying to learn it as an adult might be more difficult for me as opposed to learning it while I'm young. Any advice?


No method, plow through material and don’t give up.

If you can, practice with a native speaker all the time. Try to make conversation even though you don’t know all of the words. Use the words you do know to try and describe the word you are looking for.

Pretty Cool Webcomics: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja


The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Christopher Hastings / drhastings and coloured by Anthony Clark / nedroidcomics! It updates three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dr. McNinja is, as the name implies, both a highly trained assassin / vigilante AND a highly trained medical professional with his own clinic! His sidekick is a mustachioed child gunslinger named Gordito who rides a dinosaur, his receptionist is a superintelligent gorilla, and his mentor is the clone of Benjamin Franklin! He’ll save the day from giant rampaging lumberjacks, then arrive back in time to take care of that hernia of yours!

What’s that? You didn’t have a hernia? Well that’s certainly true now. Ninja, remember?

Of course, life isn’t all fun and wacky adventures with the good doctor. Aside from dealing with ghosts, time travel, dinosaurs, vampires, and former action movie star Frans Rayner, McNinja also has to face medical emergencies, disapproving parents, insurance premiums, and the nefarious plots of the local mafia. And yeah we all know he’ll pull through; at this point it’s just a matter of how many times he can get back to his office and yell “BASE” so the cops don’t nab him. And how many times that office will get blown up in the course of one comic.

Dr. McNinja is… hard to describe without feeling incredibly silly, but it’s a good kind of silly. The silly that is basically comprised of every awesome “what if” thought you had growing up as a kid. What makes it even better, though, is that Hastings does this without ignoring some of the more adult sensibilities. Sure Doc and Gordito fight dinosaurs and ghost wizards and lobster people, but then Doc has to deal with parents who disapprove of his medical career and Gordito has to slog his way through public education. It’s a comic where the mundane and fantastic are combined, not just living alongside each other, and that contrast is where this comic shines.

This comic is a really popular one for plenty of good reasons, with snappy writing and great art to compliment the sense of humour many people wish they could have. It’s been enough to get Hastings several jobs writing for Marvel comics including the recent Deadpool annual issue, but McNinja is his own, and man does that show. If you want to see gorillas fighting super ninjas, evil unicorn motorcycles, and much much more, then you really, REALLY should read this comic.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja contains blood, violence, and creepy midgets, and is suitable for teens and up.

Thanks to twentyonezero for the suggestion!

I suggested a comic and it was featured! Thanks prettycoolwebcomics!




so sometimes i think about harry potter being in the aurors and like

he’d never really thought about child protective services, muggle or otherwise, cause it’d never been relevant, right? like when he was a miserable kid he…

As a survivor of child abuse and a huge potterhead, this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.

I had a dream last night where the gigapause uncommenced. There was this awesome battle/dance scene with everyone ever in the comic and then the prescratch kids went through the final gate to face Lord English or something. While they were approaching his hideout, suddenly they were Avatar Aang and a couple of other airbenders. While Aang approached this small building, they saw large metal cubes flying off the top. Wario was up there trying to slow their approach by chucking air conditioners at them. Aang did the windy thing on Wario and they made it to the building. I woke up before they went inside.

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